Michigan’s Guide to Local Cooking
reinforces the benefits of using local and organic foods to:

• Create awareness about the origins of our foods and how they are grown
• Promote our local food system
• Boost the local economy by purchasing local foods
• Improve environmental mindfullness and responsibility
• Increase knowledge of sustainable practices
• Provide easy-to-make recipes using tasty local ingredients

How the book is organized.

Chapter 1 – Thought for food explores the differences between large-scale factory farming and small-scale local farming.
It also sheds light on the production of our food and how it affects our environment and local economies.

Chapter 2 – What is organic is a guide to understanding various food labels, including organic certification tiers, as they apply to natural foods as well as the health benefits of eating foods from organic and/or small local farms. You will also find detailed charts for high-pesticide foods, to either avoid or reduce consumption.

Chapter 3 – Michigan’s seasonal crops details crop timelines associated with local fresh produce and the time each crop generally achieves its seasonal peak. Details about Michigans specialty crops are also provided.

Chapters 4 - 8 – Recipes include Small Plates, Soups, Pasta & Pizza, Proteins, and Sweets.

References – includes websites, to help you find: local food, advocacy, food safely, community gardening and other related topics. You'll also find recommendations for food-related books and movies.