References: Inspirational Movies

End of the Line: Direct by Rupert Murray (2009). Food Inc.: Directed by Robert Kenner (2009).
Fast Food Nation: Directed by Richard Linklater, written
by Eric Schlosser (2006).
The Meaning of Food: (PBS 3 part series) Directed by
Maria Gargiulo, Vivian Kleiman, Karin Williams (2004).
Fresh: Directed by Ana Sophia Jonas (2009). No impact Man: Laura Gabbert, Justin Schein (2009).
The Garden, Direct by Scott Hamiltion Kennedy (2009). Our Daily Bread: Directed by Nikolaus Geyrhalter (2005).
Food Fight, Directed by Chris Taylor (2008). The Real Dirt on Farmer John: Directed by Taggart Siegel (2005).
To Market to Market to Buy a Fat Pig: Cast Rick Sebak (2007). Tapped, Directed by Stephanie Soechtig, Jason Lindsey (2009).
The Future of Food: Directed by Deborah Koons Garcia (2004). What’s On Your Plate?, Direct by Catherine Gund (2009).
King Corn: Directed by Aaron Woolf, Written by Ian Cheney and Curtis Ellis (2007). Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat, Steven Greenstreet (2008).